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About Triad Custodial Services

Triad Custodial Services is uniquely equipped to provide a wide array of cleaning and maintenance services anywhere in North America. Indeed, having the most talented and experienced staff in the industry, Triad provides a blend of products and services that span virtually every aspect of the cleaning industry. Whether we are working on a long term or project basis, for a large or small corporation, in retail, commercial, educational, public or private institutions such as, government, medical, banking, and/or transportation, we tailor all that we do to meet the specific needs of our customers, site by site.

So how do we manage to stand above our competitors? We establish a “partnership” with you – our customer. Building on trust, dedication to common goals and mutual understanding of expectations, Triad Custodial Services becomes a “proactive” participant in your planning cycle. We are there to assist in the development of long and short-term strategies as well as to implement operations that will provide clean, environmentally-sound and pleasing surroundings.

Triad Green Cleaning Service Healthy High Performance Cleaning Program

Triad’s professional approach to management is a key element in keeping our customers’ facilities operating at peak efficiency. Offering sophisticated, yet easy to use, technology to organize services and insure the highest quality standards in the most cost-effective manner, our customers are left to concentrate on their core businesses and not be distracted by the everyday concerns of custodial operations. In fact, most of our customers rely on Triad as if it were a part of their own team.

Our investment in people, sound practices and cutting-edge technology are the foundation of our approach to managing our operations and yours!

Custodial Technology
Learn about iinnovative products and services that leverages Triad’s Technology Solutions and Facilities Manamgent systems

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